Free Domain Portfolio Management - Domain Manager

If you own more than a handful of domain names, then you need a system to manage and track important information about those domains including:
  • Expiration Date
  • Whois Data
  • Name Server (DNS)
This data is dynamic and can change throughout the life of the domain.

Introducing Domain Insights:

  • Free Whois Data
    Our System dynamically updates important whois data such as:
    • Domain Age
    • Expiration Date
    • Registrar
    • Current DNS Name server
    • Whois contact email
  • Free Domain Sales Data and Portfolio Management Tool
    Add sales data about your domains including
    • Domain Buy Price
    • Domain Sell Price
    • Buy and Sell Date
    • Registration Fees
    • Commissions Paid
    • Net Profits
    • Historical Offers received
    • Domain Visits (last 30 days)
  • Domain Analytics Upgrade to Gold and unlock valuable Insight Data:
    • Alexa Rank
    • Domain Valuation
    • Trademark probability